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What is Trusted Website and why was it created? is a service set up to help customers to find businesses on the internet they can trust. We believe we stand head and shoulders above the other review sites available by combining the user reviews with groundbreaking artificial intelligence crunching through the big data of the internet, by building the most powerful review platform ever, free to all consumers.

We were created to help move the World closer to the day when consumers no longer have to deal with online fraud, scams and have an easy way to be informed with all the information they need to make informed decisions about the online businesses they use.

How is the Trust Rating for each site calculated?

Over the past few years, our team have created a series of very advanced algorithms to process through the vast data available for all sites on the internet (if you know where to look which our system does) to check a sites history, authenticity, risk, security and the businesses overall level of service feedback. We realized the importance to review sites to not just rely on one type of feedback (like user reviews, etc) but also to take the many other factors for an online site into consideration to.

We pull and aggregate data from a large amount of sources all around the internet. For example checking data on Facebook, Twitter, Google Reviews, TrustPilot,, SiteJabber, ScamAdvisors, etc. It is hard for person to have the time to manually check so many different sites on the internet, so we automatically do it all for you.

We do not publish (open source) the exact algorithms into the public domain as we fear then scammers and malicious users would try to use that knowledge in an attempt to bias results. Be rest assured though we take a large number of variables into consideration and our AI and feedback loops ensure that our results are of top quality.

Do businesses subscribed with a Trusted business account get a higher Trust Rating?

No, getting a business account with does not automatically lead to a higher trust rating score. It does though show an indication and willingness of a business to get feedback from its customers. One of the best ways to increase a rating is to actively engage with their customers and improve via their feedback. Anyone can leave a review of a company on our website but an added advantage for companies with a business account is they can use our widget to also take feedback on their company site.

If feel a Trust Rating for a website is wrong. How do I get it adjusted?

We pride ourselves on a very high quality of results. We also are humble enough to realize that no one or no service is perfect and there is a chance we are getting a result wrong. If you feel a rating for a site is wrong please do not hesitate to contact us here and let us know the site in question and your reasons that you believe the result is a false positive or how it could be improved.

Can I have a Trusted Website seal for my website?

Yes we have a trust seal that businesses can add to their site to help provide confidence to their customers that this company has a trusted site. To obtain one for your site please contact us here.

If a site has a very high trust score does that mean I am 100% safe to show there?

We are super good at getting our ratings correct.. but even with some of the best AI in the World we can never promise to be 100% perfect. We would prefer you use our rating as starting advice and a way to save you the work of doing all the 100's of checks for each site we do. Take our rating as a guide but then also please guide.

Can’t find the answer to your question?

Please feel free to contact us at any time using our contact box here. We will do our utmost to get back to you ASAP.

Please do bear with us though if it is taking a day or two to reply as we are a service handling millions of checks per month so sometimes that can make us a trifle busy.